The New Year with a ~ Spark ~

I posted this on the Fenzi facebook group, and decided what the heck - let’s start the blog now!

A video of my very happy exuberant dog doing the funny things he loves to do while on one of our walks. He's the Spark of my life <3

We've got a couple new years resolutions, this incredible dog and I.

  • MORE adventures - I'm getting a gnome... πŸ˜‚ You'll be able to follow the roaming gnome and Spark on instagram (@SparkTheGreatDane) if you're interested. #neverroamalone 

  • CDX & UD

  • TEAM titles (we have the skills, we just gotta do it!)

  • NW2 (and more AKC Scentwork titles)

  • TD? Maybe... 

  • Rank in Great Danes in AKC/GDCA agility, rally, and obedience (we've done it before... we just have to actually compete lol!) 

  • Post more photos, take more video, maybe make a blog, maybe make some compilation videos 

  • Cherish every moment (we already do this, but we're going to make sure we keep doing it)

I'm in my 3rd year of vet school, I have no idea of we'll even really be able to do any of these but hey, we'll try. :) If we don't get any of them, we'll have fun anyway. That Spark sure does make me happy <3